Vermont State Society Planning Inaugural Event

The Vermont State Society, a chapter of the Washington DC-based National Conference of State Societies, has begun planning for a celebratory event during the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.
On November 4th, Vermont proved to be the “bluest” state (besides Sen. Obama’s birthplace of Hawaii) by providing the Obama/Biden ticket with a 67% vote margin.  Because of this overwhelming support, and due to the historic nature of the election, hundreds, if not thousands of Vermonters are expected to travel to Washington, DC this January to attend the swearing-in ceremony. 
The Vermont State Society is in the early stages of making arrangements for an inaugural reception – so far the plan includes:
  • An evening reception on either Monday, January 19th, or Tuesday, January 20th
  • Tickets will be sold online, on a first-come first-served basis
  • All Vermonters and friends of Vermont are invited
  • Corporate sponsorships are welcome (contributions may be tax deductible)

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